Demolition Doesn’t Always Mean Total Destruction [infographic]

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When you hear the word “demolition”, you probably think of a wrecking ball or a building imploding. We’ve all seen incredible videos of buildings being taken down to a pile of rubble. However, demolition is not always destroying a structure completely. In fact, any time that a load-bearing structure is removed, that is technically demolition. Sometimes, partial demolitions are planned before renovation or expansion projects can start. If you are planning a partial demolition, it is even more important to have a demolition crew you can trust because the possibility of an amateur messing up the rest of your structure is so high.

Demolition Doesn’t Always Mean Total Destruction

Here are some of the reasons you may want to find a demolition contractor for partial demolition:

  • Site retention and remediation: Various environmental concerns may lead you to consider a partial demolition.
  • Asbestos removal: Asbestos was once used extensively in construction materials, so removing it is a common concern.
  • Relocating a building: If you are planning on moving a building, very careful partial demolition will be needed to prepare it for the move.
  • Extensions and additions: Adding on to your house or business often involves taking out a wall or other structure to tie in the new part.

Demolition Doesn’t Always Mean Total Destruction

If your plans include demolition, you need the right crew for the job. You need a thorough inspection of your structure for potential hazards like lead paint, mold, asbestos, rotted wood or other hazards. You want a contractor who has the right experience and equipment to perform your job on time and on budget.