Demolition Is Rarely the Only Option for Dealing with Asbestos

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It can be unnerving to find out that your older home or commercial building is filled with building materials that contain asbestos. It might even fill you with dread if you think the only recourse is to the demolition of the structure. The good news is that is very rarely necessary. While you can certainly proceed with demolition if you would prefer to build a newer structure, it is generally far less expensive to deal with asbestos abatement instead.

Demolition Is Rarely the Only Option for Dealing with Asbestos

Rather than a large demolition project, asbestos removal is a process where all affected materials will need to be safely removed to ensure there is not anything remaining that contains asbestos. Since asbestos was used in a variety of ways in the past, there may be quite a few features you’ll need removed. Common asbestos-containing materials include flooring, insulation, fireproofing elements, popcorn ceilings, electrical panel partitions, roofing shingles, wall coverings, decorative plaster, and drywall. There could also be asbestos in the adhesives and caulking used.

Although this is a long list and is by no means comprehensive, you should know that a trained and experienced asbestos removal professional knows where to look and how to remove each instance of asbestos found in your home or business that is problematic. Although this process may be extensive, it is a far cry from demolition and then rebuilding the entire thing.

If you have an older home or commercial property in the Winston-Salem, North Carolina area that you are concerned may have asbestos in it, reach out to us at Double D Construction Services, Inc. We offer comprehensive asbestos removal and if you should decide you would prefer demolition, we can do that, too. Contact us today to schedule an evaluation appointment to learn what you are dealing with.