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Equipment Storage Pricing

– Tractor Trailer Combo – $115 Monthly
– Trailer Only – $100 Monthly
– Tractor Only – $100 Monthly
– Box Truck – $100 Monthly
– Boats and Boat Trailers $75 Monthly
– RV’s $75 Monthly

Daily Parking – $15

Billing:  Monthly

Required Documentation: Driver’s license, Insurance card, registration card, and certificate of title.

Property Availability and Layout

Lot hours:  Available 24 hours

Office hours:  Monday – Friday:  8:00 am – 5:00 pm

-24-hour access
-24-hour video
-Gated access – Key will be provided
-Gravel parking lot
-Lighted parking area

Application to Store Property

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**Copies required: DL, Insurance card, registration card, and certificate of title


Terms and Conditions

Monthly Parking (hereinafter also referred to as Licensing Agreement) Terms and Conditions

This license Agreement is made and effective as of the start date ________by and between KTCD LLC and you as an Individual Person, your company, and/or it’s the person signed on this agreement as its Authorized Agent (hereinafter also referred to individually as a “licensee” and collectively as the “Licensees”)

All sales are final: We may approve refunds under certain “limited conditions” and if specified under the “Cancellation Policy” below. It is up to KTCD LLC discretion to approve or deny any refunds as “ALL SALES ARE FINAL.”

Refund Policy: All services rendered by the Company are provided on a non-refundable basis. In addition, if your account is canceled by the company for violation of this Agreement or the attached Acceptable Use Police, all payments made to the Company become completely nonrefundable.

Payment: The Licensee (herein also referred to as “Driver”, You”, Customer”) is reserving the parking space on the property and must completely fill out the monthly parking agreement form. We require first and last month payments. The “last months payment” will be applied to your last month invoice.  KTCD LLC does NOT prorate the monthly parking license payment based on the number of days parked. Its the Licensee’s responsibility to cancel the Licensing Agreement no later than 30 days prior to licensee next billing cycle. (Please refer to our CANCELLATION POLICY” below.

To begin your contract, driver must pay a first month rent, last month rent (First Month Rent + Last Month Rent =  Total Amount Due at Signing). You must cancel your monthly parking 30 days prior to your next billing cycle, otherwise you will be charged on your billing cycle day and will not be refunded.

Illegal parking will result in your vehicle being removed off our property and impounded, and/or booted at your expense, with a maximum Rate Tariff prescribed (set) by law for towing and storage of trespassing vehicles.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Drivers MUST cancel parking by completing the attached CANCELLATION FORM no later than 30 days prior to the licensee’s next billing cycle. We do not accept verbal cancellations, email cancellations and/or phone cancellations. Customers MUST fill out and submit a cancellation form and submit to the office. The last 30 days of parking will be paid by applying the last months deposit payment made by the license upon signing and submitting this “Licensing Agreement”. KTCD LLC has the right to void this contract without prior notice for any reason. In the event the driver/Licensee defaults or fails to comply with any term or condition of this agreement, Driver/Licensee will pay all cost to enforcement incurred by KTCD LLC including reasonable attorneys’ fees.

DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTY: Licensor and Licensee each agree that the parking space is being leased “as is” and that Licensor hereby expressly disclaims any  and all warranties of quality, whether express or implied, including but not limited the warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. HOLD HARMLESS: Driver/Licensee shall hold KTCD LLC harmless from any and all actions and liability and shall indemnify KTCD LLC against any and all claims, actions, proceedings, damages, liability and shall pay all attorneys fees, by Driver/Licensee, his employees, or invitees, arising from or connected with driver/Licensee possession and use of the rental space and premises. All risks are the responsibility of the Driver/Licensee, including but not limited to natural causes, cast of nature, theft, vandalism, fire, flood, accidental damage, motorist damage, wind, rain, hurricane, earthquake, structural damage, tree damage, terrorism or other possible damage or loss. All lessees are the sole responsibility of the Driver/Licensee. Driver/Licensee assumes all risks from parking on the property.

GATE RESTRICTIONS:  The only gate to be used is at the bottom of the lot.  All gates must be locked every time and at all times when driver of Licensee enters and exits the gates. Driver/Licensee may not leave the gate open for others. LOCK GATE EACH TIME YOU COME IN AND LEAVE! NO exceptions. One keys will be provided.  If key is lost a $25 fee will be charged before a new key is released.

INSURANCE, REGISTRATION, LICENSES: Driver / Licensee’s liability insurance must be current and a copy of the insurance card or policy, and driver’s license shall have current registration and insurance.

MAINTENANCE ON PROPERTY: No repairs of any kind are allowed on any of our property. No tire repairs, replacement, no minor repairs such as oil changes, minor or major repairs at any item are permitted.  Any person or maintenance company doing work on a vehicle on our property will be asked to leave immediately with all your vehicles.

DAMAGES: The Driver/licensee is responsible for any damage done to the Licensor’s building, property, fencing, gates or concrete pavement. Driver/Licensee must use caution when driving and parking and must use parking brakes when parked.

RESTRICTED VEHICLES AND LOADS: Drivers are not allowed to carry hazardous material, medical waste, radioactive products, petroleum-based products, paints, tires, or any type of environmental waste onto any of our properties. Drivers will be held responsible for any leakage of these products. We don’t allow dump trucks, petroleum haulers, waste haulers, manure haulers, oil haulers, medical waste haulers, or any hazardous material trucks at any of our properties.

LATE PAYMENTS: A late payment fee of $25 PER VEHICLE will be added to any monthly vehicle when payment is more than (5) days past due. Then, after thirty (30) days past due, the vehicle will be considered Abandoned.  PLEASE SEE THE ABANDONED VEHICLE SECTION BELOW. Notwithstanding, such late payment fees, failure to pay and such monthly payment on or before the due date shall be deemed a default of Licensee under terms of this agreement. 

ABANDONED VEHICLES: Once the vehicle is left on the property and the parking is unpaid for 30 days or more, the vehicle will be deemed abandoned and the vehicle will be barricaded, booted, towed and or impounded.  Abandoned vehicles will accrue a $50 storage fee per day. Court orders papers will be are signed and finalized by the judge, the vehicle will no longer be the property of the Licensee. 

PARKING PERMIT, STICKER / HANGER POLICY: All vehicles must be backed in so we can see the front of your parked vehicle and NUMBERED parking sticker/hanger.

Hanging tags should be placed on the rear-view mirror or visor with the numbers facing the front

Stickers for trailer or towable vehicles that you are leaving such as RV’s, tailors, campers and boats should be placed on the tongue of the towable vehicle.

LOCKING THE GATE:  All persons using our facility MUST LOCK THE GATE every time you enter and every time you exit from gates. Any person that leaves the gate opened or unlocked will be asked to leave immediately and no refund will occur. So even if there is someone inside our gate, you must lock them in. All persons inside the gate can let themselves out if the gate is locked behind them.

NOTICE OF HOW TO BETTER PROTECT YOUR PROPERTY: We are not responsible for watching your equipment, vehicle or personal property. We provide a parking space with fencing, lights and gate. You are parking at your own risk as there is no security watching your property. You must have your own insurance as we are not responsible for anything that may happen to your property. It is up to you to protect and secure your property and belongings.

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