What to Expect from Professional Demolition Cleanup

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There are several different things to be considered if you need a demolition project completed. Any project that requires demolition also requires careful planning and coordination. One major step that is often overlooked is the demolition cleanup. This phase determines whether the debris from a demolition is adequately removed. Unless you are okay with a huge pile of materials left on-site, do not forget about talking to your contractor about these details.

Demolition cleanup is an essential step

Whenever demolition is completed, there are a lot of materials that need to be removed from the project site. Many contractors have hidden fees tacked on to a project for removing and disposing of the materials, even though that really should be an expectation for any demolition job. Make sure you know everything that is included in the proposal when you are choosing who to hire.

We always recommend asking if the permit and landfill fees are included in the proposal, so you’ll know exactly what work you’ll be paying to have completed. Demolition cleanup is an essential step in a major project, so you need to have those questions answered prior to hiring a contractor. Based on their answers, you’ll have clear expectations for the services you should be getting. As professionals who have worked in this industry for many years, we have tried to provide the best customer experience that we can. We always include permit and landfill fees for demolition cleanup in our proposals and create a clear invoice that breaks down all the costs associated with each job.