What Determines the Price of Asbestos Removal?

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Asbestos is a harmful material that, even if you are not 100% sure what it is, is definitely something you know you don’t want to find in your property. Asbestos was used in all kinds of building materials, so if your property was built before the 1980’s, there is a good chance that asbestos is lurking somewhere in your property. Whether it is wrapped around the pipes for insulators or hidden in the ceiling or under the floors, asbestos removal needs to be taken care of by professionals and with immediate effect. In fact, the discovery of asbestos is enough to halt any kind of demolition or construction process until the asbestos removal is complete. So, if you want to do some renovations, have an older property, and want to add asbestos removal into your budget, how much should you budget for? Let’s discuss.

asbestos removal needs to be taken care of by professionals

The bothersome truth is that asbestos removal pricing is dependent upon a lot of different variables. Everything from the size of your home to the areas your asbestos is found will change the price, as will the asbestos removal team that you choose to go with. While smaller jobs might cost around $2000, if your home is larger and found to have asbestos in the walls, roofing materials, flooring and insulation, you could be looking at tens of thousands of dollars in costs.

While asbestos removal can be expensive, it is well worth the cost when it comes to the health and safety of your home or office space. If you are looking at remodeling or demolition, make sure to have your asbestos testing and/or asbestos removal done by our professionals here at Double D Construction Services, Inc.