How to Tell If You Need Professional Mold Abatement

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Mold AbatementNo one wants to have to deal with a mold infestation in their home or business. Mold can pose a serious health risk to children, elders, or those with existing respiratory problems or who are currently pregnant. Even healthy individuals can experience symptoms such as headaches or congestion due to mold exposure. Because of these risks, it’s best to employ strategies to prevent mold before it can develop rather than try to combat it after the fact. Once mold gets a foothold, however, it needs to be dealt with, and the question for many homeowners is whether they can address the problem themselves or if they need professional mold abatement.

When considering whether to call a mold abatement service or tackle the mess yourself, consider the following questions:

  • How much mold are you dealing with? The size of the affected area plays an important role in whether you’ll be able to take care of it yourself. If the moldy area is small–as in, less than ten square feet–it increases the chances that you’ll succeed in getting rid of it with DIY methods.
  • Where is the mold located? The location of the mold also factors in to the decision of whether to call for professional mold abatement. If the mold is isolated to the bathroom, it’s likely you’ll be able to handle it on your own, as bathroom surfaces are easier to clean.
  • Do you have the right safety equipment? Equipment choice is also an important consideration when it comes to mold. If you attempt the job yourself, you should always at least wear gloves and a high-quality air filtration mask to protect yourself from mold spores. However, these steps are unlikely to cut it for big mold jobs, which often require harsh chemicals and the use of full-body suits. A professional mold abatement service will have all the necessary gear to protect their workers and prevent the mold spores from contaminating other areas of your home.

To summarize, if you have more than ten square feet of mold, if the mold is in a hard-to-clean place, and/or if you lack the proper safety equipment, you’re better off with a mold abatement service. You can call our team at Double D Construction Services, Inc. to get rid of your mold problem and make your air safe to breathe again.