5 Common Questions to Ask About Asbestos Testing

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Many of our customers are fearful about the asbestos testing process, especially getting results that show there is asbestos present.  Here we’ll answer 5 common questions about asbestos testing that will help you feel more comfortable and more at ease with the process.

fearful about the asbestos testing process

1. Can I do asbestos testing by myself? It is in your best interest to hire a professional for many reasons, but the most important is that you want to make sure you do everything right when it comes to testing for asbestos.

2. Is asbestos testing expensive? Costs range based on your home size, but we like to discuss options for testing so that you’ll have a plan that works best for you and your budget.

3. Is asbestos something to be worried about? Yes, it can lead to serious health problems if it is inhaled, so if asbestos is found, it needs to be removed immediately.

4. Do I need to do something right away if asbestos is found? Yes, this is not something you can put off until a more convenient time. Nobody should be breathing in asbestos fibers, so it needs to be removed as soon as it is found.

5. How to I avoid ongoing issues with asbestos? Hire a professional to complete asbestos testing, and then follow the guidelines and procedures that are recommended.

As you go through the process of asbestos testing, you will likely have more questions. It’s important to involve professionals so you are sure that the process is completed appropriately and you’ll feel confident everything is handled correctly.