Mold, Salisbury, NC

Be sure to call our mold experts in when you discover mold in your Salisbury property.

Mold in Salisbury, North Carolina
Finding mold in your Salisbury, North Carolina property is something that none of us want to encounter. However, just because we cringe at the thought of finding mold doesn’t mean we aren’t going to happen upon a moldy area at some point or another in our home or business property. Often mold is simply the occurrence of the right combination of factors– warmth, darkness, and a little bit of moisture is all it takes for mold to start to grow and flourish. Even though there are many types of mold that are perfectly harmless, it is nearly impossible for a novice or those uneducated in the differences of mold to determine which is the harmless type of mold and which is the type of mold that will make you very sick. Here at Double D Construction Services, Inc., we take our mold services very seriously and would love to help keep your family safe with our mold abatement services.

When you come to Double D Construction Services, Inc. and ask us to take care of your mold, you will be glad to hear that we have over 24 years of experience in business. This amount of experience isn’t always something you can find in a mold abatement company, and we use this experience to our advantage when working with your property. We will carefully examine the type of mold you have, and then carefully go through the abatement process to ensure that no spores are able to travel elsewhere and set up shop. We then clear, clean and make any repairs necessary to keep your mold from returning.

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