Tips for Preventing Mold

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In the natural world, mold plays an important role in the decomposition process, breaking down organic material such as leaves to enrich the soil. Indoors, however, mold (and its early stage, mildew) is at best an unsightly nuisance and at worst a serious health risk. Spending time in a moldy home or work environment can lead to negative health consequences, from headaches and eye irritation to sinus congestion and major respiratory problems. These risks are even higher for children and the elderly, as well as for individuals with existing respiratory problems or who are currently pregnant. To help you avoid these risks, here are some steps you can take to prevent mold:


Pay Attention to Your Bathroom

Mold thrives in damp, humid environments, and the bathroom sees more moisture than any other. To help cut down on moisture, you can take the following steps:

  • Use an exhaust fan to circulate the air and quickly remove moisture when you shower.
  • Spread out towels after use to make them dry more quickly, and keep your shower curtain spread out, too.
  • Have the last person to use the shower every day wipe it down with a clean towel or squeegee.
  • Choose a shower curtain and liner that are easy to clean. This will help cut down on soap residue, which fosters mold.

Prevent Moisture in the Rest of the House

Cut down on moisture in the rest of your house with these preventative measures:

  • Check for rainwater leaks and correct them as soon as possible.
  • Similarly, take care of plumbing leaks in a timely fashion.
  • Use dehumidifiers, fans, or just open your windows to prevent a buildup of humidity.

With these methods, you can dramatically reduce the risk for mold in your home. However, no method is perfect, and you shouldn’t feel bad if mold sneaks in despite your efforts. Simply call our team at Double D Construction Services, Inc. to take care of the problem.