Questions to Ask Your Building Demolition Professional

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Perhaps you got a great deal on a house or commercial building because it has been condemned and the real value is in the land. Or, perhaps, you’ve owned it for a long time, and it hasn’t anything more to give. Whatever the reason, it’s time to call for building demolition, so you can start fresh with a new building. As you look into companies that handle this work, here are a couple questions you should ask that will make your decision on who to go with easier.

Questions to Ask Your Building Demolition Professional

How long have you been doing building demolition? Experience is important for a variety of reasons. First, they’ll have dealt with a variety of complex building demolition issues already. They’ll also fully comprehend the regulations in your area. Finally, it takes more than a huge piece of equipment to do the job right. While they need to make an investment into equipment, of course, the rest of the quality comes from experience. An experienced building demolition company is also less likely to run afoul of regulations, as they know the compliance issues and guidelines they should follow.

What is included in the proposal? And, more importantly, what isn’t? You should get a comprehensive proposal breaking down all the relevant costs, including any permitting or landfill fees and any other extra charges your particular building demolition project encompasses. This is another area where experience comes into play because an inexperienced company could inadvertently leave things off and then charge you later.

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