How Do I Know if I Need Asbestos Removal?

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Asbestos is a material that was commonly used in the past in a variety of building products, including flooring, ceiling materials, insulation, shingles and much more. Even in newer homes, some of these products might be hiding in plain sight. At Double D Construction Services, Inc., our professionals know all about asbestos removal and know how to remove asbestos materials safely and thoroughly from your home or commercial space. If you are worried that you might have asbestos, then the next step is likely asbestos removal. Here are a few things to look for:

  • If you know you have vermiculite insulation. Vermiculite insulation was once a relatively common insulation material and included asbestos. If you know you have this type of insulation in your walls or your attic, then it should be tested and potentially removed.

How Do I Know if I Need Asbestos Removal?

  • If your home was built prior to 1979. 1979 was a pivotal year for asbestos when a building materials ban was put in place. However, it is still possible that homes built near this time have asbestos from older stock or supplies that were being used up.
  • If you are remodeling your home. Remodeling your home might become dangerous if you damage or disturb the asbestos. Be sure to have building materials checked for asbestos before you start swinging sledgehammers.
  • When materials are starting to fray or become damaged. Asbestos is dangerous when it becomes damaged because it can then become airborne and inhaled. It is critical that your asbestos, particularly if you see fraying or damaged materials like old linoleum, insulation or popcorn ceilings, are removed by professionals as soon as possible.

We hope that this information was beneficial in your search regarding asbestos removal. If you have any other asbestos removal questions, please contact us today.