Does My Building Need Asbestos Testing?

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Does My Building Need Asbestos Testing?
Before scientists became aware of the dangers that asbestos could pose, asbestos was one of the most widely used building materials in the world. Because of this, many buildings built before the asbestos ban still contain this extremely hazardous material.

If you suspect your building contains asbestos, we at Double D Construction Services, Inc. encourage you to give us a call to schedule asbestos testing. In this article, we’ll go over a few examples of when to schedule asbestos testing to help you figure out if you require this service. You should schedule asbestos testing when:

  • Buying a Property – If you are planning to buy a building, we strongly encourage you to get the building tested for asbestos first. You need to be prepared to deal with asbestos if it is present. Our team will assess the building and determine what action, if any, you would need to take to deal with asbestos should you go through with the deal.
  • Selling a Property – You should also schedule asbestos testing if you are planning to sell a real estate property. It is legal to sell a building that contains asbestos, but you will need to disclose this information to the potential buyer beforehand.
  • Renovating a Property – A third situation in which you’ll need asbestos testing is when preparing to renovate your building. Asbestos becomes dangerous when its fibers get into the air, as then people can breathe them in, which leads to lung cancer and other health problems. The renovation process will disturb any asbestos present, so you’ll need to check for this material before you start any work on the building.