Do I Really Need a Mold Removal Expert?

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Mold is something that we expect to find on our bread, cheese or fruits if we leave them around for too long. These issues are easily solved by simply discarding the moldy foods. However, when we find mold in our homes, the story changes quite quickly. We cannot just discard our home, and the mold needs to be removed by experienced experts. If you are wondering if you really need a mold removal expert, we here at Double D Construction Services, Inc. would like to help you clear up some of the confusion.

Do I Really Need a Mold Removal Expert?

Mold removal is an incredibly tricky process because mold grows and spreads through the release of spores. These microscopic airborne spores can spread easily, even if you don’t disturb the mold growth. Often, mold removal requires specialized equipment and the removal of certain materials, particularly sheetrock if it is damp or moist.

A mold removal expert is not always necessary. If you find a spot of mold growing in your shower or another area where moisture is common, it likely just needs to be cleaned more often. A solution of vinegar or bleach will work to take care of these types of mold growths. As long as the area is less than 10 square feet (about the size of a large bath towel), then you should be fine to clean up this type of mold growth.

If you are worried about your mold growth, it is always better to be safe than sorry. We would love to help you determine if professional mold removal is necessary and will be honest and forthcoming in our diagnosis. For questions or concerns, please contact us today.