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When you hire us for demolition cleanup, you’ll find that we provide thorough services at your property.

The demolition process on a construction site leaves behind a lot of debris. After all, it involves taking down an entire building, which is usually made up of walls, a roof, and everything inside. All the materials used to construct the building end up in piles on the property, creating quite a mess to clean up. Some construction companies offer demolition services but don’t finish the job, leaving the property owner to deal with the mess. The amount of debris produced on even a small demolition job can fill up multiple containers and take a lot of time, so managing it on your own can be a real struggle.

Demolition Cleanup, Salisbury, North Carolina

If your property is in or around Salisbury, North Carolina, you can count on the team at Double D Construction Services, Inc. to handle the demolition cleanup process. We can handle all steps in the process, from demolition to cleanup, leaving you with a freshly cleared lot that is ready for new construction to begin. We’re also certified asbestos abatement contractors, so our technicians can safely handle the demolition process of structures that contain this harmful building material.

When you hire us for demolition cleanup, you’ll find that we provide thorough services at your property. We’ll seed and straw the property in the areas you want the grass to grow, and we can level the ground to make sure the new building being constructed there can stand securely. Our demolition cleanup process also includes clearing away any debris and rubble that is produced as we demolish the existing structure. We do things differently than other demolition contractors, so you can count on us to handle the job right.

At Double D Construction Services, Inc., we offer demolition cleanup services in Winston-Salem, Greensboro, High Point, Clemmons, Mocksville, Salisbury, Boone, Mount Airy, Asheboro, Concord, Raleigh, North Wilkesboro, Lexington, Thomasville, Charlotte, and Hickory, North Carolina.