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Our asbestos removal services will protect your property and your family from harm.

Asbestos Removal
Asbestos was a material used in construction in the recent past, but testing has shown that this material is dangerous. It can increase the risk of cancer and other health concerns, so construction companies no longer use asbestos in any project. However, older homes and structures may contain asbestos that was used for insulation, soundproofing, or fireproofing during the construction process. If your home was built more than a few decades ago, you may want to think about having the asbestos removed by a professional. Trying to remove it yourself is extremely dangerous, but our team at Double D Construction Services, Inc. can take care of the process at your property.

Even just dislodging the asbestos in your walls or flooring could release toxins into the air that could make you sick. At Double D Construction Services, Inc., our team members are skilled and experienced in asbestos removal. We know how to remove it safely and securely without putting the atmosphere in your home at risk. Our technicians will wear the necessary protective gear when removing the asbestos and discard of it properly.

We provide asbestos removal for properties located throughout the High Point, North Carolina area. Our asbestos removal services will protect your property and your family from harm. If you aren’t sure whether your home contains asbestos, don’t hesitate to contact us for testing. We can determine if asbestos was used during the construction and come up with a plan to safely remove it. Our team members can also answer any questions you have about asbestos removal.

At Double D Construction Services, Inc., we offer asbestos removal services in Winston-Salem, Greensboro, High Point, Clemmons, Mocksville, Salisbury, Boone, Mount Airy, Asheboro, Concord, Raleigh, North Wilkesboro, Lexington, Thomasville, Charlotte, and Hickory, North Carolina.


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